Oregon's Forest Protection Laws and BMPs

Good Stewardship, Good Compliance

Taking extra care in planning and conducting forest management activities not only is the foundation of good resource stewardship, it can go a long way in meeting your responsibilities under Oregon’s forest protection laws.  This section highlights a variety of key requirements for forest practices in Oregon, including how to plan and implement operations for timber harvesting, reforestation, roads, site prep, and fire and smoke control.  Also featured are many practical guidelines (BMPs – “Best Management Practices”) for forest management that can help protect your property while also maintaining high water quality, productive soils and other valuable forest resources.

Learn about what’s required and more

The following resources provide both general and detailed information about how to comply with Oregon’s forest protection laws and apply BMPs for good resource stewardship. If you are new to this topic, consider viewing “Watersheds and Forestry: An Introduction,” which covers basic soil and water conservation concepts for forest lands and some examples of Oregon’s forest practices requirements.  Likewise, the first chapter of “Oregon’s Forest Protection Laws: An Illustrated Manual” is good place to start.  Or, if you have a specific project in mind, such as a new spur road, check out the chapter on “Roads and Stream Crossings.”

For more information, please contact:
Julie Woodward, Acting Director of Forestry, Oregon Forest Resources Institute