Forest Management Planning

Developing a course of action to achieve your vision for your property

Forest Health

A healthy forest is a productive forest

Maintaining a healthy forest is an important objective for most forestland owners. In this section, we provide resources to help answer questions about forest health, such as:


A crucial forestry tool

Thinning is often the most important thing you can do to influence the growth and health of your forest. Proper spacing and thinning can reduce overcrowding and relieve tree stress. This helps maintain the health and vigor of your forest. Thinning can reduce fire hazards, generate revenue, and increase the value of remaining trees. From an aesthetic perspective, thinning helps create a more open forest stand, which can also improve habitat conditions for widlife species.

Getting Started


Are you interested in taking care of your forest? Do you want to be a good steward, but are not sure where to start? Being a forestland owner in Oregon can bring many rewards. It may also lead to complex questions and a need to learn more. This is the right place to start or continue your journey for how you want to manage your forest or sustain this Oregon asset.