Getting Started


Are you interested in taking care of your forest? Do you want to be a good steward, but are not sure where to start? Being a forestland owner in Oregon can bring many rewards. It may also lead to complex questions and a need to learn more. This is the right place to start or continue your journey for how you want to manage your forest or sustain this Oregon asset. 

What is the vision for your forestland?

In Oregon, more than 140,000 family forest landowners care for almost 4.7 million acres of forestland. Every landowner has their own vision for their land, but not everyone is sure how to make that vision a reality. Each landowner should consider goals and objectives for their forest land. Oregon forests are complex and active forest management can take many forms. Planning is the foundation of good forest stewardship and management. This website can be part of your toolbox for planning and implementing forest management activities and resource protection rules on your forest. Whether you own your own forest or are just interested in learning more about Oregon's forests and wildlife, this website has information and tools that will help you get on your way.

For more information, please conact:
Margaret Miller, Oregon Forest Resources Institute 



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