Planting Trees

Tree planting the right way ensures successful reforestation

In some forest situations, seedlings readily spring up from seeds produced by nearby trees, reducing (or even eliminating) the need to plant trees. Often, though, conditions aren't right for this natural regernation to happen quickly, or with the desired kinds of trees. Therefore, planting tree seedlings by hand usually is required. A tree planting project has several steps, all of which are important to overall success.

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The following resources will not only help you understand the steps required to accomplish a successful reforestation effort, but will also help you find the expertise, the manpower and the seedlings you may need to help your new forest thrive.

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OSU Extension Service Publications
Oregon State University Extension has several practical publications on tree planting. You can get these publications in hard copy from your local OSU Extension office, or online at Extension and Experiment Station Communications. Below is a selection of available publications.

-The Care and Planting of Tree Seedlings on Your Woodland. This publication covers the care and handling of seedlings. It also discusses proper seedling planting techniques, including timing, tree spacing, planting spot selection, and tools.

-A Guide to Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting in the Willamette Valley: Steps to Success. This publication is a step-by-step guide to riparian tree and shrub planting in the Willamette Valley from OSU Extension. It provides information on project planning, plant materials, site preparation, planting techniques, site maintenance, and monitoring and evaluation.

-Developing Quality Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest. Christmas tree species requires special skill and specific knowledge to be grown successfully, find out more!

-Successful Reforestation: An Overview. This publication provides a brief overview of the steps involved in a typical reforestation operation. It covers mechanical, manual, and chemical methods of preparing the planting site.

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