Trees To Tap Virtual Conference

Trees to Tap: Forest management and community drinking water systems in Oregon
March 11 & March 12, 2021

This virtual conference reviewed the Trees to Tap Science Review using a mix of science presentations given by the project scientists and management presentations given by forestry and water professionals, regulators and conservationist. Science presentations gave a high level summary of the Trees to Tap findings in each topic covered. Management presentations gave a top level finding followed by practical discussion of how to account for the findings in practice.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Welcome & Introduction (watch it)
Mike Cloughesy, OFRI

Forestry and Forest Management and Community Drinking Water Systems in Oregon (watch it)
Moderator: Mike Cloughesy, OFRI
Dr. Jon Souder, OSU - Description of the context of forest management in Oregon
Dr. Emily Jane Davis - Description of water utility survey and concerns
Stephanie Reid, City of Lincoln City  - Description of the range of systems, the processes used to treat drinking water and the survey of community drinking water providers

Case Study – Oceanside Water District  (watch it)
Summary of the case study with emphasis on a recent example of communication and interaction between the forest manager, the water utility and the state of Oregon. 
Moderator: Jeff Behan, Institute for Natural Resources
Dr. Emily Jane Davis, Oregon State University 
Jon Wehage, Stimson Lumber
Paul Newman, Oceanside Water District
Joshua Seeds, Oregon DEQ

Breakout Session 1 Reports (watch it)
Moderator: Lisa Gaines, INR

Forest Chemicals (watch it)
Summary of the science review on forest chemicals followed by practical presentations on managing forests and water systems to minimize forest chemical in source water by forestry and water professionals.
Moderator: Mike Cloughesy, OFRI
Dr. Jon Souder, OSU 
Jay Walters, ODF 
Whitney Henneman, C&D Lumber  
Karl Morgenstern, EWEB 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Sediment and Turbidity (watch it)
Summary of the science review on sediment and turbidity followed bypractical presentations on managing forests and treating water to minimize sediment.
Moderator: Shannon Murray; Continuing & Professional Education Program Coordinator, Oregon State University
Dr. Kevin Bladon; Associate Professor of Hydrology, Oregon State University
Jennifer Beathe; Forester and Outreach Manager, Starker Forests
Melanie Dunne; Executive Director, Coquille Watershed Association

Assessment of Wildfire Exposure to Public Water Supply Areas (watch it)
Description of the assessment and how the information can be used by water utilities and regulators
Moderator: Jon Souder, OSU
Michelle Day, USFS & Chris Ringo, OSU

Ashland Case Study (watch it)
Fire risk reduction strategies in practice as part of the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project 
Moderator: Dr. Emily Jane Davis, OSU
Chris Chambers, Ashland Fire Department 
Donna Mickley, Siskiyou Mountain Ranger District
Marko Bey, Lomakatsi Restoration Project

Water Quantity (watch it)
Summary of the science review on water quantity followed by practical presentations on managing for a range of water yields by forestry and water professionals.
Moderator: Jon Souder, OSU
Dr. Kevin Bladon, OSU
Dr. Shreejita Basu, Sustainable Northwest

Breakout Session 2 Reports (watch it)
Moderator: Lisa Gaines, INR

Conclusion & Wrap Up (watch it)
Dr. Jon Souder, OSU and Mike Cloughesy, OFRI

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Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 12:00am to Friday, March 12, 2021 - 12:00am