Non-timber Forest Products

Ideas for earning income from some of the other products on your land

The forests of Oregon have an abundance of commercially marketable nontimber forest products (NTFP) that forest landowners can manage for on their land to earn extra income.  NTFPs broadly include all non industrial timber vegetation in forests and agroforestry environments with, or potentially with, commercial value.   Oregon has hundreds of commercial NTFPs, thousands if you include the collection and marketing of native seed for the restoration industry.   Some commonly collected nontimber forest products (NTFPs) in the U.S. include wild mushrooms, berries, ferns, tree boughs, cones, moss, syrup, honey and medicinal products like cascara bark and Oregon grape.

We have provided some fact sheets and other resources to help you get more informed about NTFP income opportunities.  You will learn about different types of products, steps you can take to harvest and market NTFPs, and learn about other resources to support your efforts.

For more information, please conact:
Tiffany Fegel, Oregon State University