Upcoming Events

A calendar for landowners, by landowners

Below you’ll find a list of upcoming events aimed at educating forest landowners.

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September 10th, 2016 Community Forestry Days

1:30am - 7:30am

This is your chance to learn by doing a variety of projects in a sustainably managed woodland. Volunteers help with all the essential seasonal tasks of managing a working demonstration forest.
Learning by doing – it’s the Hopkins way we manage our forest.

September 10: Cleaning and staining of Everett (Forest) Hall, foot bridge maintenance, and preparations forHopkins 25th Anniversary rededication on September 17.

Registration is requested.

For more information contact Peter Matzka at peter.matzka@oregonstate.edu

September 28-29th, 2016 Citizen Fire Academy


We live in a fire-prone environment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare. Are you and your community ready for next fire season?

The Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) volunteer education program puts wildfire preparedness into the hands of landowners and the community, with the help of local, state and federal fire management

Through this program, you will develop skills and knowledge that you can put to use to help reduce the risk of catastrophic effects of wildfire for your home, your neighborhood, and your community.

You will learn about the fundamentals of fire behavior and fire preparedness through a combination of online coursework, interactive discussion and engaging field tours. Following graduation, help
your community prepare for wildfire with your new knowledge!

Cost for the full program: $35/person or $50/couple. Register for Citizen Fire Academy by September 9, 2016, at: https://secure.oregonstate.edu/osuext/register/1067.

October 20th, 2016 Master Woodland Manager Course

2:00am - 9:00am

Do you want to make sure your forest is resilient to fire, pests or diseases?  Are you interested in how your land can better suit wildlife, timber production, or recreation? Would you like to
make sure your roads are well-built, and know that you filed your taxes correctly? The Master Woodland Manager (MWM) program shows you how to “read” your woodland by understanding local ecological
factors as well as how to conduct assessments to determine where your woodland is heading as it grows and matures. You will learn how various management activities can help you meet your long term
vision for the property.   This is the flagship course of the OSU Extension Forestry program.  MWM volunteers represent a 20 year legacy, and include a wide array of people and
woodlands throughout Oregon. Whether you own 5 or 1,000 acres, the MWM program will help you gain skills for tending your woodland and provide opportunities to share your passion for
stewardship.  View the Master Woodland Manager application/registration brochure.