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September 10th, 2015 Webinar on forest management, climate change, and carbon storage in the Oregon Coast Range

4:00am - 5:00am

Forests of the Pacific Northwest provide an array of important ecosystem services, including wildlife habitat, recreation, soil protection, clean air and water, and timber production. Balancing these values presents a challenge for societies as we assess tradeoffs between services, including weighing timber harvest and carbon storage, or old-growth habitat and habitat for early-successional species. The Coast Range of Oregon is emblematic of these challenges, as it encompasses federal, state, private and tribal lands that are widely interspersed with high adjacency between public and private lands, each with unique goals for the delivery of ecosystem services. Forests also face multiple threats from climate change, including physiological stress, range shifts, and wildfire. Researchers at the Environmental Protection Agency (ORD-NHEERL/NCEA), the Bureau of Land Management, and Portland State University employed a forest simulation model to integrate forest succession, climate change, wildfire disturbance, and management to understand the long-term dynamics of forests in the Oregon Coast Range, with a focus on landscape carbon storage. Dr. Megan Creutzburg, research faculty at Portland State University, will present the results from this study.

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September 12th, 2015 Hopkins Community Forest Day

1:30am - 9:00am

Community Forestry Day, September 12, 2015, 8:30 am - 4:00
pm, Hopkins Demonstration Forest. Learn by doing a variety of projects in a sustainably managed woodland. Projects include tree planting, trail maintenance, pruning and more. Projects vary with the
seasons. Lunch is included email jean.bremer@oregonstate.edu to get on the list or for more information call Peter at "resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png" alt="" width="0" height="0" />503-884-6202 or


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September 15th, 2015 Poplar for Biofuels

5:00am - 8:00am

As a purpose-grown crop for bioenergy, the poplars highlight their potential as a sustainable feedstock for biofuel and biochemical production in the Pacific Northwest. Lunch included!

Join extension professionals, policy makers, researchers, and environmental professionals, in learning about the latest biofuel and biochemical developments in the Pacific Northwest. Topics include:

♦   Growing hybrid poplar as a short rotation woody energy crop
♦   Sustainable production and environmental impacts on soil, water, and wildlife
♦   Best areas to develop biofuel and biochemical industries
♦   Biomass production tour highlighting operational and research poplar plots

Click here to register for the Jefferson Tour

Learn more about AHB at hardwoodbiofuels.org

September 23rd, 2015 The Art & Science of Drying Wood

2:00am - 5:00am

The Oregon State University Tillamook County Extension Service and Tillamook Bay Community College are offering The Art & Science of Drying Wood for wood industry personnel, portable sawmill operators, woodworkers, or those just interested in learning more about the physics behind wood drying. Join us for a fun and informative class that will help you understand wood behavior – discussion will include checking/cracking, splitting, shrinking/swelling, and warping (cup, bow, crook and twist) of wood during the drying process – and, what you can do to minimize the negative results of these behaviors. We will also identify those characteristics you have little control over. We will discuss pros and cons of the different methods of drying lumber including air, shed, solar and dehumidification, and talk about how important it is to control the rate of drying. This class will be beneficial to those who have been milling wood for years or for those who are just thinking about processing lumber and drying that lumber. Class will be at Tillamook Bay Community College. Cost is $10 per person to help cover the cost of handout materials. Registration form here.

October 1st, 2015 Driftwood or Lumber: Hands-on Class to Learn How Wood Scientists Identify Wood

2:00am - 5:00am

You may have taken a class on identifying plants and trees but do you know how to identify what species of tree a piece of wood came from? The OSU Tillamook County Extension Service and Tillamook Bay Community College are offering a class on how to identify different woods. This fun and informative hands-on class will teach you the basics of how wood scientists identify one piece of wood from another. Learn techniques that will help you identify lumber, or pieces of driftwood. There is a $10 registration fee to help cover the cost of handout materials. The class will be taught at Tillamook Bay Community College.  Registration form here.

October 28th, 2015 Private Forestry Access, Easements, and Forest Management Legal Issues

1:30am - 9:00am

Access is a topic of increasing importance throughout the West, whether it involve private parties seeking access to a residence, a corporate owner utilizing or defending its rights, or the ambitious public recreating within intermingled “public” lands. This workshop will address easements, rights of way, and related ownership and management issues. Additional topics will include legal and sociopolitical relationships with federal, tribal and local governments, federal law management issues that can involve private lands, options for reconfiguring land ownership, conservation easements, and state laws uniquely relevant to private forestry, such as timber trespass. This workshop is designed for private forest land owners and managers, as well as lawyers and transaction/title specialists who work in rural areas. The presentation will discuss and is geared to participants from Idaho, Eastern Washington and Montana. We encourage attendees to come with specific questions and be ready to participate in an active discussion on topics within the boundaries of the agenda.

For more information, visit http://westernforestry.org/upcoming-confereneces/private-forestry-access...

November 11-13th, 2015 24th Annual Oregon Water Law Conference


This year we report on major new developments in water law affecting water rights and water quality, including presentations by leading practitioners in the field as well as senior staff of the Oregon Water Resources Department. We will review recent legislative developments, court opinions, and rulemaking efforts to provide a broad perspective of the ongoing evolution of state water law.

For more information click, HERE

November 26th, 2015 Plant Propagation

10:00am - 12:00pm

Native plants support the local wildlife habitat, and are low maintenance when planted in the proper place. If you have a natural area that needs to be restored, or are just interested in putting
more natives into your home garden, farm or woodlot, then propagating your own can be very rewarding and save you money to boot!

Clackamas Community College’s fall term Plant Propagation class will emphasize native plants this year, and is designed to give you hands-on experience reproducing a variety of plants from seeds
and cuttings. There is also an online component where you will get more of the background on how and why plants are propagated the way that they are. 

The class is offered by the Horticulture Department at Clackamas Community College on the Oregon City campus

December 1st, 2015 2015 OSU Extension Land Steward Training

5:00am - 9:30am

The award winning Land Stewards training helps local small-acreage landowners learn about ways to create a healthy environment on their property through weekly field classes, presentations
from natural resource professionals, and the creation of a personalized management plan.
The course is great for land owners who want to learn how to balance sustainability with their
rural lifestyles. 

The 11-week program provides training for Southern Oregon residents on topics such as wildfire risk reduction, woodland and forest management, encouraging (and controlling) wildlife, stream
ecology, pasture management, soils and organic waste, small acreage systems and infrastructure, economics and enterprise on your land, stewardship planning and much more!

Course Fee (includes resources)
SAVE $50 Early Bird registration by August 7
$150; couples $200

Registration Deadline: August 14
Standard fee (after Aug. 7) $200; couples $250